Excerpt From: Krysta's Drink

She was a raging alcoholic. At least that’s what her friends told her but she never believed them. It wasn’t as if she couldn’t give up the booze-she didn’t want to. There was no point in being sober in such a toxified world. She kept drinking until the voices in her head urged her to action rather than beat her down. Krysta worked in an office. Everyday she’d wake up a 4am to get ready for work. It would take her two hours to get to work but she didn’t mind. At least at first. The time to herself was welcome until she realized whenever she had a moment of silence the voices in her head would start up. So instead, she filled the silence with noise and anything that would alter her mind.


She worked for a college in the public relations department. She only did it for the money since her dream was in the arts. She wasn’t the best but she was a dreamer at heart.


She sat down at her cubicle. On her walls were pictures of her cat, some skylines, and of her and her mom. She powered on her computer and read through her emails. Everyday was the same. She pulled out a water bottle filled with moscato and took a drink. It was only 6 o’clock but the negative thoughts were already raging and she needed to think. She tucked the bottle away in her bag under her desk and took a breath.


She had two meetings planned for the day and some paperwork to fill out. Then she’d probably leave early. She wasn’t anyone important. She was just there for the paycheck and the benefits.


“Hey girl,” someone called, breaking Krysta from her thoughts. It was Margaret. That bitch.


“Morning,” she said with a small wave.


“You know, I’m up for a promotion soon,” she said taking a sip from her coffee mug. It had a bible verse on it. Something about repenting. Krysta had to hold back a sigh.




“Yea, I’m going to be managing a lot more projects. I won’t be on this team anymore, but girl, the pay raise is gonna be great,” Margaret was leaning on the wall. Somehow, Krysta felt very defensive over her little cubicle. Move along Margaret. Move along.