For some people, we have a picture of how we want things to be in our heads. That vision is so strong and so vivid that we can almost taste it. When things don’t pan out or align with that vision, it can be discouraging. It may even be hard to initiate starting things because we want it to match our vision.

I’ve always been a perfectionist. As a creative, I can clearly see the things in my head. I can play out my dream life in my mind and imagine me getting to where I want with ease. I even found myself unwilling to try things if they didn’t match up exactly as I pictured it. Unfortunately, that is an unrealistic way of living. Unfortunately, I am not an expert in every field and there are some things I can’t do (yet).

Even that was hard to type.

One thing that I learned in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) is practice makes progress and progress beats perfection. As a writer, a terrible draft written today beats a perfect draft never written at all. The reality is that if you wait for the perfect conditions, you’ll be waiting forever and never get anything accomplished.

Something I’ve been trying to adopt in my day to day is that I just need to do something. I can always rewrite, redraw, and redo but putting pen to paper is the most important thing. Although it is still very difficult to let go of my ideal of “perfect” I can say that I’m making small changes. I have made a lot of progress which I can look back and be proud of.

It’s okay if what you make isn’t perfect. It’s okay to have a working draft. It’s okay to have something that’s not quite right yet. Just doing it puts you ahead of the thousands of people who are waiting for the right moment. The time is now.

Here’s a video on perfectionism:

Peace & Love,

Shannon M.

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