Finding Motivation 

Updated: Feb 2

Entrepreneurs and artists often struggle a bit differently than those who make a living from the beaten path. When you work a “regular” job, you go to work. You’re told what to do. You go home. The groundwork is laid out for you and there are many facets of your job that you don’t have to think about. Things like your company’s website, the programs your using, where clients are coming from, or the cost of the materials you use at your job. The list goes on.

When you choose to step off that path and to lay your own groundwork. It can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you become stable? How do taxes work? What’s your next move going to be? A whole host of questions come up when you’re building your own business. Questions you didn’t even know you had until you embarked on your journey. With all of those unknowns, there is another issue: motivation. Some days you’d rather sleep than get up and work towards your goals. Some days you wish your work actually ended at the end of the day. Some days you look around at your scattered notes and files and reminders and think “nope.” So how does one find motivation when starting their dream or keeping their dream going? You don’t. Motivation is cultivated daily. You craft motivation with your own hands and it grows slowly and steadily. For me, I would find that I lacked motivation to work on my writing. In 2017, I tried to go fulltime as a freelance writer. It was going well until I didn’t get paid for a 2-week long project. That hit me hard and made me think “if that was my 110% and it didn’t work out nothing I will ever do will work out,”. Now objectively I know that’s not true but at the time it was my reality and I found it harder and harder to stay motivated to get back to my dream. Then, slowly but surely, I started to think about what went wrong, how I could have made better choices, what I learned from the situation. What came from that was a small spark of hope. Then a series of small but careful steps. I looked up resources for writers, I joined some virtual roleplay groups, I built a website. Etc. Etc. As the year progressed, I found myself more “motivated” to work on my writing. To think about and take small action steps. Even now, I know I have a lot of things ahead of me but I can look back on my little steps up to this point and know it’s going to be okay as long as I keep moving forward. Pro-Tip: Start your day with a motivation video. I hope you found this helpful and I hope you have a motivated day. Peace & Love, Shannon M.

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